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SL Food Machinery Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer, importer, as well as reseller of fine quality bakery and food processing equipment, with its main office located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

At SL Food Machinery, we take pride in our professional approach to manufacturing and reselling a wide variety of light or heavy duty equipment such as mixers, baking oven, fish ball making machine, bean processing machine etc. Since our establishment in 1982, we are always and have been committed to provide our customer the best available machine and equipment. Our expertise is utilized by large and small companies to maximize their return on idle or surplus capital equipment.

SL Food Machinery Sdn Bhd was first established in 1982 as a very small scale factory named Soon Lee Engineering works. For years, we have been contributing to the bakery and food processing industry by providing best-valued and efficient equipment. We are constantly monitoring the market trend and the latest technology and sending peoples to overseas. This is to ensure that our customers are well-equipped with the updated technology.

We also manufacture a range of good quality, costless and CAMEL branded ovens. These ovens have been satisfying customers for years. Our subsidiary, Shun Li Machinery Service specialize in repairing and servicing any type of bakery and food processing machine